Kreepy Krauly FAQ's

If KREEPY KRAULY is not moving or not pulsating.

Check to ensure  that the main drain and all suction lines are closed, except for the suction  line to which KREEPY KRAULY is attached.

Check for debris  in the filter or pump basket.

Check for debris  in KREEPY KRAULY's flapper. Debris may prevent flapper movement or restrict  flow.

Pool pump and  filter system may be too small (incapable of providing 25 gallons per minute  water flow). Consult your pool professional.


If KREEPY KRAULY stays in one end of the pool.

Check the return  line water flow and re-direct as necessary with an eyeball  diverter.

Check that hose  is long enough to reach to end of pool.

Check that KREEPY  KRAULY has proper hose balance.


If KREEPY KRAULY stays on the main drain.

Check to ensure  that main drain is closed. A pool professional may need to assist  you.

Check to ensure  that a main drain grate is installed.

If main drain is  not flush with the pool floor, consult your pool professional.


If KREEPY KRAULY slows or stops and air bubbles enter the pool at the  return line.

Find and correct  the air leak that is causing the pump to lose its prime:

Check the hose to  ensure there are no leaks.

Check the vacuum  connection. It should be submerged so no air enters the system.

Check the pump  basket lid for looseness, cracks, and worn or missing O-rings. If you need  assistance, contact your pool professional.


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