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  • To conserve energy, run your pool's filtration system only during off-peak hours.
  • When leaving for vacation for more than a week, turn off the pool heater, including the pilot light.
  • If you use your pool only on weekends, reduce your heater thermostats settings by eight to ten degrees during the week.
  • Use fencing, hedges or other landscaping, or cabanas to shelter your pool from prevailing winds.
  • According to the National Swimming Pool Institute and the American Red Cross, the most healthful swimming temperature is 78 degrees. Reducing your heater thermostat to maintain a 78 degree or lower temperature will also help conserve energy.
  • When reopening your pool for a new season, make sure your pump and filter are working properly before adding chemicals to the water.
  • If your pool heater is more than five years old, chances are a new high efficiency gas heater such as the MiniMax could quickly pay for itself in utility bill savings.
  • To obtain maximum filtration and energy efficiency, backwash or clean your filter  regularly, as required.

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